How to Use Trigon 510 Vape Battery

Make sure unit is charged properly. Unit can be charged with the Type-C USB port. Charging time is 2h to 3h

Light is RED while charging, turns GREEN when charged fully

Turning vape battery ON and OFF

Unlock or turn vape battery ON / OFF with 5x rapid clicks

Trigon 510 Battery Variable Voltage Options

Select desired voltage / power 3x continuous clicks
Choose one of 4 Voltage settings: 4.2V (RED) 3.7V (YELLOW) 3.2V (BLUE) 2.7V (GREEN)

Attach a Vape Cartridge

Screw in desired 510 vape cartridge

Preheat Function

• Unlock unit
• Click power button 2x rapidly
• Push button at any time to exit mode 15 sec duration


Push and hold power button throughout the duration of your inhale

The revolutionary Trigon 510 thread battery is revolutionizing the industry by packing a ton of power into a small package.

This battery has three sides and a slim button, giving the impression that it was designed for interstellar flight. With its 500mah capacity, this battery won't leave you scrambling for the charger and won't cause your phone to fall off the table. This 510 Thread Battery has two charging options: the pass-thru port and the threaded connection. The temperature settings go from 2.7% to 4.2%. Each battery includes built-in safeguards against overcharging and overheating. Moreover, after 12 minutes of inactivity, the battery is automatically disabled as a safety measure. In terms of aesthetics, touch, build, and overall quality, The Power Trigon is the pinnacle of 510 thread pens for prefilled carts, designed specifically for single-user vaping thanks to its silky smooth operation and powerful hits.