Quatro 510 Battery Features

Honeystick Quatro 510 Thread Battery

1. Ensure your battery is adequate charged

• Charge, the device for 2·3 hours to obtain a full charge
• Charging will be indicated by the LED light on the bottom of 510 battery body

2. Attach a Vape Cartridge

You can take any 510 thread cartridge that o 12 MM in diameter or less and screw it all the way into the top of the vape battery

3. Turning Quatro 510 Battery On / Off

Click the Round button on the battery 5X rapidly and simultaneously to turn ON or OFF the device.

4. Vaping

• When fue device is on push aid hold the round button throughout the duration of your inhale.
• Release the button when you are no longer inhaling.

5. Selecting the voltage level

• To adjust the voltage of your 510 vape battery click 3X rapidly and simultaneously
• Voltage is indicated by 3 LED colors: Green 3.2V, Blue 3.7V and Red 4.2V

***certain cartridges may have maximum voltage level. Exceeding them could burn them out***

6. Charging the Quatro vape battery

• Connect the Micro USB cable to a power source, such as a computer or wall adapter.
• Locate the Micro USB charging port at the bottom of the Quatro 510 Vape Battery.
• Insert the other end of attached Micro USB charging cable into the charging port.
• The battery indicator red light on the vape battery will turn on and stay lit while charging.
• Wait for the battery indicator light to change color to green or turn off.
• Remove the Micro USB cable from the charging port and the power source.

Your Quatro 510 Vape Battery is now fully charged and ready to use.

7. Warnings

• Keep all Vape devices away from Children
• Keep vape batteries out of extreme temperatures aid altitudes

Where to buy the Quatro 510 thread battery?

The Quatro vape battery is designed by HoneyStick. You can buy this and many other 510 thread battery products here or any vape shop selling HoneyStick vaporizers