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Shop For the Best Dab Pen for Concentrate Vape at HoneyStick! Choose your next wax pen depending on your specific needs and preferences. Enjoy your dab concentrate with our Ripper E Rig, merging performance, convenience, and style. READ MORE

Pocket Plasma Portable Dab Pen and 510 Cart Battery

$40.00 – $192.00

BeeKeeper Thermo Stick Dab Pen


HoneyStick NANO Dab Pen

$29.00 – $31.00

Cannabis Cup Entry Dab Pen Limited Edition


Extreme 2.0 Defender Dab Pen


HoneyStick Ripper E Rig for Dabs and Herbs


Elf NANO Dab Pen


Stinger Ceramic Wax Vaporizer Starter Kit


Plasma GQ 2.0 Wax Vape Pen


Rokin Stinger Electric Nectar Collector


Ultimate 3 in 1 Red Line Vape System - Extreme Edition


Ripper Essential Oil & Wax Vaporizer


Defender 3-in-1 Vape Kit for Essential Oil, Wax and Dry Herbs


Stinger 3-in-1 Vape Kit for Wax and Dry Herb Vaping


The Ultimate Stinger Vape Kit


HoneyStick Extreme 2.0 DUO Wax Pen


Phantom Signature - 2 in 1 Oil & Wax Cart Pen


Extreme Defender Wax Pen


Rip & Ditch Disposable DAB Vape Pen


Aficionado DAB Vape Pen Kit


HoneyStick Dab Pens for Vaping Concentrate

Discover the ideal HoneyStick dab pen tailored for a dynamic, on-the-move lifestyle. Our selection caters to those who appreciate discreet, stealthy wax pens, yet don't want to compromise on the high performance typically found in larger, box mod vapes. It all comes down to personal preference - do you prioritize the rich flavor profile released from the concentrates, or are you more drawn to the powerful intensity and voluminous hits, balanced with efficient heat-up time and a substantial number of fills? HoneyStick provides an answer to these questions, delivering a perfectly tuned wax pen for every vaper's unique preference.

How to choose the best dab pen for concentrates?

We want to help you pick out the best dab pen in the HoneyStick line of vaporizers. We work with a lot of extractors growers of cannabis a lot of big customers and part of our job is playing dab vape matchmaker with a lot of people it's something I truly enjoy doing and fitting them with the perfect vape pen and wax atomizer or vape tank. That's what we are going to extend to you guys. Our customers who want to buy the best wax pens or concentrate vape pens need to answer a few questions, the first question is what are you looking for, are you looking for stealth function concealability, everyday home use, or are you looking for something on the go? HoneyStick carries wax vape devices that will fit in all those categories so we can let you pick your perfect HoneyStick dab pen or full-size wax vaporizer.

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax pen is a type of vape pen unit specifically designed for vaping concentrated cannabis extracts, such as wax, shatter, or crumble. These extracts are typically more potent than the traditional dry herb or vape oil, making concentrate vaporizers popular among users who seek a stronger, more intense vaping experience.

Dab Pen Product Elements: heater, wax battery and concentrate

A typical wax pen unit consists of a dab pen battery, a heating chamber or wax atomizer, and a mouthpiece (sometimes it is a part of the atomizer or dab cartridge). The concentrated extract is placed directly onto the heating chamber or atomizer, which heats the extract to the point of vaporization, producing a vapor that the user inhales through the mouthpiece. Dab pens are compact, portable, and discreet, making them a popular choice for those who want to enjoy dab concentrates on the go.

Portable Dab Pens

HoneyStick Pocket Plasma - Portable Dab Pen & 510 Cart Pen

Introducing the HoneyStick Plasma Pocket Dab Pen, a compact powerhouse that redefines the portability of dabbing. Equipped with a 950mAh dab pen battery and capable of reaching a maximum of 20 watts, this 510-thread dab pen battery is perfectly designed for on-the-go lifestyles, fitting seamlessly into your pocket or bag. Additionally, its compatibility with 510 threaded cartridges if needed; adds to its versatility, making it a handy companion for a wide range of vaping situations.

The Pocket Plasma Dab Pen is packed with features that enhance your vaping experience. Three easily adjustable temperature settings are just a triple-click away, providing flexibility to suit your taste. The 10-second preheat function, prepares your concentrate for a perfect hit. The powerful wax atomizer, featuring an XL, 9mm wide and 8.5mm deep, quartz glass heating chamber, ensures every session is potent and satisfying. Its heavy-duty 304 stainless steel body speaks of durability, while the USB-C rapid charging capability means you're never long without your vape – just 1.5 hours from zero to a full charge. The strong and convenient magnetic mouthpiece and heating chamber lock make for effortless operation. The Plasma Pocket Dab Pen is truly a fusion of portability and power, perfect for the discerning vaper on the move.

Budget Wax Pen for any Pocket. Literally.

HoneyStick Nano Dabber Dab Pen with 6 Color options

HoneyStick carries the best budget, rechargeable, and compact dab pen that you can buy for under $30. Sleek stainless true pen-style wax pen powered by high capacity HoneyStick Twist 510 thread battery which allows you to adjust your wattage with the twist of a knob.
Twist vape pen battery features quick recharge with a powerful 500 mAh capacity. Quality of construction and feel extends from the 510 battery to the single quartz coil, a slim wax atomizer. With a nice-sized ceramic bowl and a proprietary silicon carbide heater, you have just a perfect concentrate vaporizer, giving you smooth pulls, rapid heat-ups, and flavorful rips.

E Rigs for Dabs - The Ultimate Dabbing

HoneyStick E Rigs For Dabs - The Ripper Dab & Herb Electric Rig

Dive into the world of powerful and pure dabbing with the HoneyStick Ripper Electric Dab Rig, a device that sets a new benchmark in the realm of dab E Rigs. At its heart lies a formidable 4000mAh dab pen battery, offering an extensive session time and robust performance that caters to even the most avid dabbing enthusiasts. This power is beautifully harnessed by the Ripper's efficient wax atomizer, which comes equipped with two quartz bowls. These bowls ensure that each dab is vaporized perfectly, delivering pure, flavorful hits every time. The inclusion of an atomizer cover and glass carb cap further enhances the efficiency and purity of your dabs, making each session a luxurious experience.

Apart from its prowess in handling waxes and concentrates, the HoneyStick Ripper stands out with its versatility. It includes a second heating chamber specifically designed for dry herbs, complete with protective mesh and a metal cover. This feature ensures that herb enthusiasts are not left behind, offering a pure and potent vaping experience. The Ripper's efficiency is complemented by its USB-C rapid charging capability, allowing for quick recharges of its enormous dab pen battery and minimal downtime. Rounding off this impressive kit is a professional dab tool and cleaning swabs, ensuring that maintaining your Ripper is as effortless and convenient as using it. Check out this great review and hands-on tutorials on Ripper E Rig for dabs. The HoneyStick Ripper Electric Dab Rig promises an unmatched experience in power and purity.

Wax vape concealers with sub-ohm power.

Ripper Dab Pen Concealer

The new Ripper 2.0 is the only wax pen concealer with a sub-ohm vapor power. You will love this vaporizer because it is intense, it is durable and it is rugged! This lighter-size concentrate vaporizer has big-boy battery power it's got a 1300 mAh battery so it's super high power. Because it's a sub-ohm it works with an ultra-low resistance so it really delivers hard-core vape hits. It doesn't have a variable temperature, it's set on one level and that is intense! The wax adapter has a dual quartz wax chamber.
The most powerful pocket vape for wax and oils, disguised as a lighter makes vaping ultra discrete. If you enjoy power rips, and concealment with concentrates and oils vaping Ripper 2.0 is definitely the strongest wax pen choice.

Extreme Hits with the Extreme Defender Wax Vaporizer

HoneyStick Defender Extreme Wax Vaporizer

Unleash the power of the Extreme Defender Dab Vaporizer – a champion among HoneyStick Power Dab Pens. Designed for the most passionate, extreme dabbers out there. This high-performing dab pen battery and wax atomizer combo is engineered for those who crave potent and strong hits from their concentrates.

At its heart is a robust 2600mAh capacity Defender dab pen battery. With a 36 Watts operating range, delivering consistent and reliable power to vaporize your favorite concentrates effectively. But the real magic happens when the Defender battery is paired with the Double Titanium heater, wrapped over black ceramic rods, and powers a Ceramic Donut heater from the bottom to simultaneously combine bottom donut heating to the intensity of wax rods. The Extreme Defender Wax Vaporizer does not just mimic the full-size rig dabbing experience; it matches it. With its ability to deliver rapid, intense hits without compromising on flavor, this wax pen will redefine your dabbing expectations. It's not just a dab pen; it's a powerhouse that lets you enjoy the ultimate dabbing experience wherever you go.

Stinger Flavor-Intense Vape Pen for Wax Concentrates.

Stinger Ceramic Wax Pen

If you're a flavor guy and want a true taste of terpenes or your high-end concentrates you cannot go wrong with our Stinger ceramic wax vaporizer. The Stinger has a fully ceramic donut atomizer unit. The vape pen has three different temperature settings on the battery, which you can alternate through by clicking it three times you get different colors knit is powered by a ceramic doughnut wax atomizer. It's not a large bowl but it is pretty deep so you can pack it with your dab concentrate.
The downfall of a ceramic dab pen is that it takes a little bit extra heat-up time even on the most intense setting, so with the donut wax heater you're going to push and hold the button down when it's packed for a few seconds and then start your inhale because it does take that extra two seconds to heat up and it doesn't get as hot in total temperature like the quartz units. The idea is to kind of “slow cooking” a wax concentrate to get a much better flavor. With one of the best wax pens - the Stinger, you’ll never overcook your concentrates.

Nectar Collector Pens.

Rokin Electric Nectar Collector

Rokin Nectar Collector Pen delivers a powerful and versatile vaping experience. Elevate your dabbing sessions with the Rokin Nectar Collector Pen, a high-performance device that combines power, convenience, and style. This pen-style electric nectar collector boasts an impressive 1100mAh vape battery capacity, ensuring long-lasting and satisfying vaping sessions. Experience amazingly pure flavor with the water filtration bubbler, which delivers smooth and refreshing vapor while maintaining the integrity of your concentrates. This innovative feature sets the Rokin Nectar Collector Pen apart from the competition and guarantees superior dabbing.

Customize the power of your hits with the four variable voltage settings: 3.4V (Blue), 3.6V (Green), 3.8V (Yellow), and 4.0V (Red). These options allow you to fine-tune your vaping experience, whether you prefer rich, robust, or massive, dab hits. Upgrade your dab pen arsenal with the Rokin Nectar Collector Pen, a powerful and versatile device that caters to both beginners and experienced dabbers alike. With its impressive battery capacity, water filtration bubbler, and multiple voltage settings, the Rokin Nectar Collector Pen is the ultimate companion for those who demand the best vaping technology in their wax pen.

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