Best Vape Pens for Oil and Wax Concentrates from HoneyStick

How to choose the best oil vape pen for me? This is one of the most common frequently asked questions that HoneyStick support staff gets. Based on the successes of our other videos about how to pick your best concentrate and dab pen and also how to pick you’re the best concealer vaporizer…well, we really worked hard on this week trying to put together a comprehensive checklist and run through our units to see how you can pick out the best oil vape pen. So, what we did, we put all vape factors together, then did a job of going out into our warehouse and assembling all of the various vaporizer units that we have as possible options for oil vaporizer that we felt viable and we're going to run through them all based on our eight criteria’s. We want to truly present every vape factor of our products and help you guys to make a better purchasing decision or to just get a little more education awareness so let's jump into our eight important factors when choosing the best oil pen or vaporizer.

The first factor when choosing the best oil vape pen.

The availability based on your local state law for vaping oils.

For example CBD Oils, THC Oils or any cannabis vape oils are not necessarily accessible everywhere, so it might not even be an option for you, but in the event that it is, some states only have it available in already prefilled 510 oil cartridges or they could be placed into syringes already pre-loaded or they can only be available in tincture bottles, so based on what kind type of vape oils you have access to or what type of texture oils you have access to could really be a determining factor of when you when you're trying to select your CBD pen or THC Oil vape that works best for you.

The second factor when shopping for best vape pen.

The second factor for you to keep in mind, and I think it's a second probably the most pressing factor is budget. I know there's a lot of eight ballers out there for whom price is not a thing but a lot of medical patients and people who are on let's say disability or things like that that are using cannabis oil for medicinal purposes budget is a very important thing. So, we can't just go crazy on the price spectrum of vapes and we should definitely keep a price as a major factor when choosing the best vape pen or vaporizer unit.

When selecting the best cart conceal vape pen.

The third and most important factor is how stealthy the vape cartridge unit is. The stealthiness can play as an important factor in a few ways whether you have it on the go and you want your vape pen to be discreet; whether you just want it to be small and compact or whether you are taking your cart pen into places that you shouldn't and you just don't want to get caught or you want it to go incognito which is perfectly cool but that definitely plays a factor when you are choosing the best vape pen. One of our best vape pen for carts in “Conceal Style”, the Phantom, scored 9.8 at The Vape Guide - Check it out!

When choosing oil pen or vaporizer.

Factor number four is how easy is the vape pen to use and really what is your vape level. We have a lot of people who have never turned on a vaporizer before who contact us, and we have experienced vapers who call in to educate us on our own vaporizers and on what is the best way is to use them. There’re different places where you can fall in your vape knowledge spectrum and those will definitely have an impact on your buying decision when you are selecting your best oil vape pen. How easy is the vaporizer to use, where's my current vape skillset, or how am I willing to learn? We do try to make educational videos available on our Youtube channel so that even if you do pick up one of the more expert level vaporizers. Watch our videos to walk you through how to get it up and running and really be able to use it.


Factor number five when choosing the best oil vape pen is battery life. That comes into play when e.g. buying a phone because I cannot stay connected to a charger. Certain people have certain lifestyles they take their oil vape pens or vaporizers but can't get to a charger so they want to be able to have a few days charge on it, or they're going on a hiking expeditions and they want to make sure they can go about a week without having a charger so the battery life of the vape pen really does play role when you're making a decision based on how long and how much you can use it in between charges. I think that's an important factor when choosing the best oil vape pen or vaporizer for you.

Portable oil vape pen vs full size vaporizer.

The sixth factor is mobility. Can you take your vape pen around or is it just going to be something that stays at home? Generally, you can get more power and performance out of vaporizer that are larger and in the same time you can get more of being convenient / easy to use or stealthy out of smaller oil vape pen units. The mobility factor does play role as to how and where you plan to take the vaporizer, can you drop your oil vape pen in your pocket, do you put in your backpack can you just you know throw it on a lanyard or keychain and call it a day.


The next factor we're going into the nitty-gritty here is the power. How much power the vaporizer puts out, how intense it is? I think that makes a big determining factor when choosing the best oil vape pen to people, because some people really thrive to get an intensity and powerful oil vaporizer that hits hard, and to some people, believe it or not that can also be a turn-off, as they want a vape pen to be very smooth and not be have any type of traits that, to some people, could lead off as harsh.

delivered by vaporizer or vape pen.

I think in the last factor, crucial to choose the best oil vape pen is a flavor delivered by vaporizer. Everybody loves to taste good flavor, especially when you're spending a lot of money buying concentrates, CBD oils or whatever it is that you're vaping, concentrates, hash oil syringes, prefilled oil cartridges, everybody wants to taste what they're getting. The fact is those oils and concentrates are not cheap, and everybody want to get a unique and flavorful experience when vaping. Where you rank THC or CBD oils or concentrates on a flavorful level, it’s also very important to select top CBD pen or THC vape to pair it with.

When it comes to making the best Oil Vape Pens there is only one brand that comes to mind.

The HoneyStick - a brand that consistently produces the best flavor vapor in your oils! Our units produce the biggest vape cloud from essential oils. Our oil cartridges produce a cloud that hits the spot with great vape intensity resulting in great medicinal activation. Each HoneyStick branded oil vaporizer is designed with superior performance in mind to bring you the greatest combination of flavor, intensity, and raw power. With several different oil vaporizers made for concealment, raw power, capacity, or taste you get the assurance of a factory-backed 90-day warranty on your oil vape pen from HoneyStick. Take your HoneyStick oil vaporizer on the go from small on the go units, to full-sized digitally adjustable vaporizers. If you want to accentuate the taste you get with every puff and want the most out of your oil vaporizer, you need a HoneyStick maker of the best CBD Pens and oil vape cartridges available!
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