Let's discuss the top Honeystick 510 thread batteries from for wax cartridges and oil carts. Are you tired of weak hits and lackluster dabbing? Look no further, as we have found the solution for you. Honeystick, a leading brand in the vaping industry, offers a variety of 510 thread battery options that will increase the level of your hits and enhance your overall vaping experience.

Each Honeystick dab pen battery is specifically designed for use with wax cartridges and cannabis concentrate carts. The best wax pen battery provides the perfect balance of hit power and flavor. In this post, we will be highlighting the best of the best, giving you an in-depth look at what sets these 510 batteries apart from the rest. So sit back, relax, and get ready to power up your hits with the top 510 vape batteries from Honeystick.

Bee Keeper Stick - Dab Pen Battery w/ thermal protection

This high-capacity dab pen battery is delivering 500 MAH of power. With four pre-set power voltage settings to choose and a 2-stage preheat functionality. This vape battery ensures that you never take a dry hit. The 2-stage preheat functionality not only runs low volts through the cartridge but actually heats the outside of cartridge chamber as well, to make sure you get the best possible hit. In the same time, the chamber is build to insulate the heat of the cartridge from your hand.

Beekeeper Stick Dab Pen Battery

The wax cartridge connects via 510 thread magnet adapter and fits most prefilled 510 thread carts that fall into the 9-11MM in diameter range. This makes it a versatile battery that can be used with a wide variety of dab cartridges as well as oil pre-filled carts. The design of the Beekeeper Stick is unique and stylish, looking more like a stick or pen than a traditional vape battery.

Trigon and Quatro Vape Pen Batteries

Square 510 Thread Battery by HoneyStick

The Quatro vape pen battery is a cube-shaped device with 400mAh capacity and 3 voltage settings, allowing for a customizable vaping experience, and will never roll-out of your table. Its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping. The powerful battery capacity as well as 510 thread port makes this vape battery compatible with pretty much any 510 cartridge for oil or wax.

Trigon Triangle 510 thread battery by HoneyStick


The Trigon vape battery is a high-capacity, 3-sided 510 thread battery with a capacity of 500 mAh. It features 4 voltage settings 4.2V (red), 3.7V (yellow), 3.2V (blue), 2.7V (green). The battery functions also includes an auto shut off, for safety and overcharging protection to extend battery life. Additionally, it has the ability to charge through a dual charging port and a 15 second preheat function for added convenience. It is suitable for any type of slim vape cartridge for oil or concentrate.