The Phantom MOD Vape w/ Oil and Wax Cartridges

HoneyStick vaporizers are famous for their advanced technology, sleek design, and concealment ability. They’re guaranteed to give you a memorable vape experience that’s not only affordable but enjoyable as well. One of the most requested products by the fans who watch HoneyStick’s YouTube videos was the custom phantom vaporizer that we use in our reviews. The fans had seen it in many videos such as the troubleshooting one. They were simply in awe of the luxurious look of it. Hence, HoneyStick came out with a limited edition of the vaporizer as a pilot model which is available on our website.

A New Sense of Vaping Luxury

The custom phantom vaporizer is just like the standard Phantom, only much more luxurious. A side-by-side comparison of the two shows just how different the custom one really is. The custom model comes with a different grade of metal as compared to the standard one. It is much more aesthetic to look at. The different grade of metal brings a luxury feel as it fits perfectly in the palm of one’s hand and feels more substantial in weight.
Wrapped in quality leather, the handle of the custom phantom stands out. Not only is it in better quality but also etched with the iconic HoneyStick logo in its classic honeycomb shapes. The handle moves effortlessly without any clacking sounds, the witch feeling almost seamless. The overall body of the vaporizer has a magnificent design. It makes it a must-have luxury concealer that serves as a fashion statement as well.

Uncompromising Performance

In terms of performance, the custom phantom retains all of the functionality and optimal performance of the original Phantom. The only difference worth noting is that the custom version is an improvement of the signature phantom regular. The custom phantom functions the same with a light-up system denoting the different settings such as temperature, voltage, etc.
Just like its predecessor, it works on the squeeze system as well. The charging of the device is also along the same lines as the old model. It comes with an adapter for concentrates and an oil adapter as well. This product is excellent for those who are accustomed to the quality of performance provided by the phantom series, only providing them with much more luxury and style.

Best Box MOD Vapes for sale!

The price of the customized model of the Phantom is $20 more than the normal version. However, it’s a small price to pay for the luxury that it provides. Above that, this is available in limited edition as it’s part of our pilot batch, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one! If that wasn’t enough, type the code Honey420 when purchasing the product to enjoy a discount of 20%. This will allow you to have the luxury of the Phantom Signature at an even more affordable price. See our unboxing video for features and how-tos.

If you are shopping for high-quality box Mod vapes, then there’s nothing better than HoneyStick Phantom!

The 2021 Edition, HoneyStick BeeKeeper 2.0 MOD for Oil Carts

HoneyStick constantly improving its vape pen and wax pen units performance, durability, and reliability. After taking in a lot of feedback from our valuable customers, the upgraded BeeKeeper 2.0 has been developed with user satisfaction at the forefront. This is a major upgrade from the original bestselling BeeKeeper vaporizer and here it breaks down what’s new and what made the cut since HoneyStick’s last concealer release.

Colors. Immediately apparent are the new colors that are available to choose from: the original mate-black casing and a new limited-edition chameleon multi-colored finish.

Button. In addition to improving the metal’s quality on these casings, the feel and function of this concealer’s buttons were adjusted to give some resistance and pushback.

Larger Cartridge Opening. The definitive change for this model is that the mouthpiece has a much wider bore opening at 12mm. Creating a wider opening enables the usage of essentially any cartridge on the market. This was achieved by testing out the trove of cartridges and redesigning them until they were all compatible with this model.

Specs & Functionality. In terms of functionality, everything has remained the same because customer feedback highlighted that simplicity was a widely favored feature hands down.

Increased Vape Battery Power. Vapers surveys noted that people rated power as one of the top qualities of the BeeKeeper. With this in mind, the internal battery power was increased to 650 mAh for the BeeKeeper 2.0.

A new, improved control chip. The new processor was used for this model that ‘rolls’ into each hit, improving control of electric power sent to the vape cartridge. Instead of adding a burnt taste, it will smooth out and maximize the flavor of your hit due to more complex electronics.

Bigger and Stronger Magnetic Connector. Due to the wider bore, a magnet was installed in the hole so that skinnier cartridges could still be used without excess wobble. The new improved ultra-strong magnet adapter not only reduces wobble but increases resistance with greater connection and gives you more power for each hit.

Improved Overall Durability. With these upgrades, malfunctions among the vape cartridge, magnet connector, and MOD battery have been minimized, meaning you have one less thing to worry about during each session. 2.0 models, use a durable, more powerful stainless-steel cartridge tip that has been added to each new set for no-leaking improved usage.

New Amazing Look. With the BeeKeeper 2.0 oil vaporizer, comes the new chameleon finish option. The coloring is both eye-catching and boasts a supercar spectrum finish. Though there are noteworthy internal upgrades, the exterior design has also been taken to 2.0 level.

Vape Cartridge Magnet Connector. The versatility of the magnet-cartridge connector is unmatched by other vape mod products, using a similar technique. A huge range of cartridge sizes can be accommodated by the BeeKeeper 2.0 with ease, providing a steady constant hit, especially with the newly added depth for superior concealment. Even the largest and smallest cartridges are kept firmly in place without concern.

Performance. In terms of performance, the BeeKeeper 2.0 meets the high standards that HoneyStick sets and is sure to please customers across the board. Due to its simplicity, reliability, and overall feel, its HoneyStick’s expectation that the 2.0 model of the BeeKeeper will top the performance of the original BeeKeeper with flying colors. This model satisfies oil vapers on all bases, HoneyStick is adamant that customer feedback and customers’ opinions are at the top of the list when developing new products and improving previous ones.

HoneyStick BeeBox Mini Battery for Cartridges

Auto-Draw Buttonless Vape MOD Concealer for 510 Thread Vape Cartridges

Here is another buttonless battery for cartridge from HoneyStick, a super-mini-MOD vape concealer with auto-draw functionality designed for 510 thread cartridges. This has been launched due to the much success post the release of the Elf Auto draw concealer.

The BeeBox is an auto-draw and buttonless vape MOD. It is ultra-small and connects w/ vape cartridge via a 510 treaded magnetic connector. In terms of metal texture, it has a slim, metal shell.

BeeBox Vaporizer has been engineered to work with a lot of vape cartridges, including any pre-filled oil cartridge with the airhole at the cartridge base. It is a draw-activated mini-mod and as such requires airflow through the cartridge in order to work. Because of the vaporizer’s wide opening that he has shown below, you can use wide oil carts or wax atomizers.

Key features of the BeeBox vaporizer

Let us start with the auto-draw function first. The BeeBox mini-mod is one of the rarely seen Buttonless Box MOD Vapes, with auto-draw functionality. This means that with a 510 thread cartridge connected to the vaporizer, there is no need to push any buttons to initiate the unit – just inhale. You only must make sure that the vape cartridge has a bottom air-hole, and the unit is charged to draw-on it. You can see the LED light indicator, depending on the charge.

Concealment and mini size of the BeeBox Vaporizer. This is a small, space-efficient Mini-Mod vape battery. The BeeBox kit comes with two magnetic adapters, an instruction card, and a velvet pouch with HoneyStick insignia, and a Micro USB charging cable.

Charging the BeeBox vape mod. You charge the MOD battery by plugging in the USB charging cable into the port at the bottom of the MOD battery and either a reliable wall outlet or computer USB port. After the battery is fully charged, you can then screw the oil cartridge via a magnet adapter that comes with the kit and vape away.

Technical aspects of the BeeBox Mini-MOD. It is powered by 350mAh internal battery. At the same time, the body of the BeeBox Vaporizer is constructed with aircraft aluminum. One of the smallest mini box MOD vapes available, with a sturdy, solid, and smooth texture.
As per the user suggestions, HoneyStick’s BeeBox is available in three different colors with a stainless steel trim that is deep blue, matte black, and graphite grey.

HoneyStick’s BeeBox Vape MOD is ultra-small and compact, sleek in appearance with a nice aerospace feel. You can also check out this product along with other elegant vaporizers on their website.