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Dab & Wax Vape Pens and 510 Tank Adapters for Dab Concentrate

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25 Item(s)

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Find the Best HoneyStick Concentrate / Wax Vape Pen and 510 thread Dab Concentrate Atomizer

Pick your perfect HoneyStick wax vape pen for "on-the-go" lifestyle if you like wax vaporizers that are stealth you want to be very discreet about what you do but you don't want to sacrifice the full-size box vaporizer performance. The important question is what's more important to you, is it the flavor that you get off of the concentrates or are you more of an intensity person to where you like the volume of the hit the number of fills with the heat up time.

How to choose best wax vape pen for concentrates

We want to help you pick out the best wax pen in HoneyStick line of vaporizers. We work with a lot of extractors growers of cannabis a lot of big customers and part of our job is playing dab vape matchmaker with a lot of people and it's something I truly enjoy doing and fitting them with the perfect vape pen and wax atomizer or vape tank. That's what we are going to extend to you guys. Our customers that want to buy best wax pens or concentrates vape pen needs to answer a few questions, the first question is what are you looking for, are you looking for stealth function concealability, everyday home use or are you looking for something on-the-go? HoneyStick carries wax vape devices that will fit in all those categories so we can let you pick your perfect honey stick wax and dab vape pen.

"On-the-go" disposable wax vape pens

Our least expensive wax vape pen is the Ripp'n'ditch. So many dispensaries are carrying this pen because it is one of the kind, disposable wax pen. It means that you use it and when the battery runs out then you can just throw it away. It's super convenient because when it comes to handling your vapes nobody really wants to have to clean it or maintain it, just want to use it for a while and toss it. With this unit, you get about 200 puffs off of one charge and then you would throw it away. It has a push-button operation which lights up and also has a five-click lock. Like most vape pens it still has big power and delivers a great taste because it has a ceramic bowl and a quartz atomizer so you're still going to get the good flavor out of your concentrate and good intensity and because of this battery, you're still going to get a decent heat up time. It's very convenient especially if you're traveling and you don't want to fly around with a vaporizer that could possibly have medical residues on it so you just take these bad boys with you on your trip, you vape them while you're there when they run out you throw them well you don't have to worry about getting your precious wax vape pen confiscated or getting yourself into any trouble or having any hassles there. Very convenient very price-conscious so if you're an on-the-go guy doesn't want to deal with maintaining and cleaning your wax vaporizer this is definitely a good pen.

Wax vape concealers with sub-ohm power

The new Ripper 2.0 is the only dab concealer with a sub-ohm wax vaporizer. You will absolutely love this vaporizer because it is intense, it is durable and it is rugged! This lighter-size vape pen has the big-boy battery power it's got 1300 mAh battery so it's super high power. Because it's a sub-ohm it works with an ultra-low resistance so it's really going to deliver hard vapes. It doesn't have a variable temperature, it's set on one level and that is intense! The wax adapter has a dual quartz wax chamber. The most powerful pocket vape for wax and oils, disguised as a lighter makes it ultra discrete.

Flavor-intense concentrate vaping

If you're a flavor guy and want to a true taste of terpenes or your high-end concentrates you cannot go wrong with our Stinger. The Stinger is a ceramic doughnut atomizer unit which has three different temperature settings on the battery, which you can alternate through by clicking it three times you get different colors knit is powered by a ceramic doughnut wax atomizer. It's not a large bowl but it is pretty deep so you can pack it with your dab concentrate. The downfall of a ceramic unit is that it takes a little bit extra heat-up time even on the most intense setting, so with the donut wax heater you're going to push and hold the button down when it's packed for a few seconds and then start your inhale because it does take that extra two seconds to heat up and it doesn't get as hot in total temperature like the quartz units. The idea is to kind of “slow cooking” a wax concentrate to get much better flavor. With our one of the best wax pens - the Stinger, you’ll never overcook your concentrates.