WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

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WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

Best Oil Vape Pen Units & 510 Thread Cartridges for vaping cbd oil & e-liquid

Performance, durability, and reliability are the key factors behind the best oil vape pen or vaporizer. This column is meant to educate and guide those who are looking to get into vaping essential oils or are looking for a best-performing oil vape pen and want to know more about them. READ MORE

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Let us help you find the best oil vape pen and pair it with best-performing cartridge.
One of the most popular and fastest-growing ways of vaping cannabis is by vaporizing cannabis oil using a special oil vape pen. There are many questions surrounding the subject of oil vape pens from how they work, to what their differences are from other vaporizers, and clearing up exactly what they do and what kind of features do they have. The team at Honeystick has been specially crafting essential oil vaporizers Since 2011 and is known as an innovator in the field of essential oils vaping development from groundbreaking technologies to cannabis cup awarded vapes.

Best Oil Vape Pens by HoneyStick. How To Choose Best Vaporizer for your oils?

This video goes through the detailed evaluation of all the Oil Vape pens offered by Honeystick and how they rank on the judgment scale and what you should know before buying your first oil vape pen. The best Oil vape pen is not necessarily the most expensive one and the top decision making characteristics will be gone over in this video. whether you are looking for the best Oil Vape Pen for 510 thread cartridges, the best Oil vape pen for oil tinctures or CBD or looking to Elevate your experience by buying the best oil vape pen. This is a must-see video before making your decision on Buying an Oil Vaporizer.

The most popular way of vaping cannabis is by vaporizing cannabis oil.

Oil Vaping is on the rise among cannabis users for several factors. First and foremost most oils are cannabis concentrates which means their medicinal content is much more potent relative to the quantity needed to be consumed. Next discretion, oil vapes are easy to be hidden and allow the user to medicate stealthy as several oil vape units look very similar to eJuice vape units, they also don't emit lingering odors like traditional combustion cannabis products. Vaping cannabis makes dosing also easier for medical users as they have sophisticated devices that can measure doses. they are a compact and portable way to vape, several oil vaporizers are smaller than a credit/ debit card in terms surface area and can easily fit into pockets or purses or even on a lanyard, oil vaporizers really work for on the go people opposed to traditional tabletop vaporizers due to versatility.

How Does an Oil Vape Pen Work?

An oil Vape pen works by filling a cartridge ( vaporization cartridge) with cannabis or CBD oil, then that cartridge will be attached to a battery which will provide electric power to the heater located inside the cartridge. The electrical current will heat the Cartridges heater to 370-450 Degrees Fahrenheit, vaporizing the cannabis oil. The patient/user will then inhale through the mouthpiece of the content drawing in the vapor produced. There are several vaporizers that have adjustable power levels and intensity levels to allow users to dial in on the vaporization temperature and intensity to fit their taste or medical activation level. Different tanks use different heating elements to offer an accentuation in taste or intensity.

Is oil vape tank good for e-juice?

This is one of the questions we get at HoneyStick daily and also is an Ejuice tank good for oil vaping. So here is the honest answer. Most of the time an Eliquid tank will still vaporize cannabis oil and or CBD oil. And on the Flipside, most Cannabis oil tanks will vaporize an Ejuice, but we do not recommend using an Eliquid tank for cannabis / CBD or using an Oil Vape tank for Eliquid, and here is why. Oil is different from Eliquid in its thickness or viscosity which means its heaters and components are designed to accommodate their respective textures. So placing one into the other might not flow properly or even function properly. Oil might be too thick for an Eliquid tank and not absorb into the heating chamber, and e-liquid might be too thin and leak more when placed into an Oil Tank or Oil vape pen. This different texture of oil vs E juice also means they burn at different temperatures which these respective tanks are meant to accommodate. so Using one in the other might give off a burnt or unpleasant taste. Cannabis and CBD oil are much more expensive than Ejuice, so companies that make oil vaporizers and Oil tanks focus much more to prevent leaking as no one wants their precious oils to go to waste whereas in Ejuice it is not the end of the world to see some leaking as the price is very cheap and easy to clean. In short, the contents will vaporize but there are too many risk factors for mixing tanks.

How to find the best e-juice vape pen for you?

If you are on the market for an e-juice pen it really comes down to power, style, and size. How powerful of a battery do you want to have and what type of intensity you can handle? Ejuice units go from 20Watts all the Way to 300 Watts of power so it really can go from mild to plain insane. Style, there are so many cool options for Eliquid that it is hard to not find a vaporizer that doesn't gravitate or express your sense of style where you have that " that vape is soooo me" moment. there is also a whole side industry that customizes vaporizers with Paint or skins. Size, find a vape that fits your lifestyle, if you want one for your neck, pocket, purse, or if you are an active sportsman to be durable.

Vaporizer for prefilled cartridges.

There are 2 major categories for oil vape pens. one is one that is filled with syringes and one that takes cartridges that are already prefilled at the dispensary level. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Prefilled cart vape pens - This is ultra-convenient where you basically buy a battery and then grab a cart and screw it on and you are ready to go, no filling or maintaining the cart, just vape until your tank runs dry and get another. Seems great, but before you make up your mind make sure you note that:
1. Prefilled tanks are usually meant only for one use so they are more expensive as you buy a new tank with each serving.
2. You end up throwing away a lot more tanks and that does have an environmental impact than reusing and refilling them for multiple uses
3. You limit yourself to the power of the tank that is prefilled and you cannot pick a tank that fits your intensity and flavor desires until you try a bunch of them.

Oil Vape Pens - Are units that are simply meant to be filled with oil and come with their own cartridge system. so you would buy the oil in a tincture or syringe and fill the tank. This system is good because it is cheaper to buy oils without a cart. You can zone in on a good pen and keep it maintained and refilled. it is much more environmentally conscious because you don't throw away all the prefilled carts after use . also most of these pens have more power and feature options available. also sounds great, but before you do that consider.

1. Some states don't sell oil tinctures or prefilled syringes and only sell oil in prefilled vape tanks
2. Filling and maintaining a tank does require more work and knowledge than just using prefilled tanks.
3. More variety with prefilled vape tanks as they dominate the market
4. Usually, a more expensive initial investment because you have to buy the battery and the tank with the vape kit.

The team at HoneyStick makes award-winning oil vaporizers and oil vape tanks, our expert staff is standing by to help you make the best decisions for your oil vaping.