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Vape Mod Kits for 510 Cartridges - Essential Oils, Wax and Dry Herb

HoneyStick Vape Mod Kits for Essential Oils, Wax and Dry Herbs. Great selection of mini box mod units designed for standard 510 cartridges and tanks.

Vape Box Mod Kit vs Mini Box Mod Concealers

Honeystick specializes in two main types of vaporizers that it has pioneered over the years. The first one being a Vape Box Mod style, which is an external power battery that can be used to power up your atomizers or tanks. These Box mod kits are usually very robust, have very high battery capacity, digital layout, and all different types of incredible adjustability. These type of options mean that they can be used to power up a variety of vape devices, usually, don't need to be changed often, and allow you to hone in on your sweet spot in regards to power output. Vape Mods generally carry the long-lasting battery as well as they have a very durable exterior and in many cases, you can switch the internal Lithium-Ion cell so several of these vape mod kits can last for years with little to no issues. Most common oil tanks on the market are the 510 thread slim cartridges and because these mods are full power sometimes depending on what you use it can be too much power so you may want a more mini-mod version which can be found in our honey stick line of concealer products that put out more than enough power to run slim adapters for oil dry herb and wax. these concealer mini box mods put out a decent amount of power and are very small compact and stealth and more than enough to power your cartridges and even have adapters for Dry herb and wax. So You might ask, how does the mini box mod compare to the full-size vape box mod? Well pretty simply put with the vape box mod everything is bigger, has more power and more intense. The Adapters for wax and dry herb are larger but also perform at a higher level so if you are looking for the best experience having a Vape box mod kit with adapters for Dry herb, oil, and wax is the way to go and usually, it has more features as well. if you want stealth with enough power to push what is available at the dispensary with simple functionality and ease of use then you can roll with the Mini Mod Concealers and they will bring you good vape, power, stealthiness, and more user simplicity.

Best Vape Mod for Dab Wax, Dry Flower, and Essential Oils

If you already have a vape mod and are on the market for vaping something other than e-liquid :) make sure you check out some of Honeystick atomizers or attachments that are compatible with your 510 thread mod battery that can get you vaping, Essential Oils ( CBD / medical Oil) Dry Herb ( Flower) or Wax, and in an amazing way. Don't bother investing high dollars in tabletop units, rigs or bongs for you to explore - vape mod with the right adapter would be much more efficient in terms of the cost of the unit as well as material you're vaping. Check out some of the latest and greatest from HoneyStick that can turn your vape battery into whatever you would like. For Waxes, HoneyStick makes the Stinger, HighBrid, Extreme tanks, which combined with your vape are making best vape mod kits for concentrates out there! You can transform your Vape mod battery into a dab rig caliber machine and offer great flavor and hits without having to lug around and set up all that equipment. In the mood for Dry Herb or Dry Flower, snap the Oz Ohm tank onto your mod and all of a sudden you are literally baking and vaping flower. If essential oils is your game, you have the cannabis cup winning sub-ohm tank or sub oh sport tank that can fill over a ream of straight distillate and vape it like a champ. Before you go and invest in all these separate vaporizers check out to see the adapters HoneyStick makes for your Vape mods to transform your battery into whatever you want.

HoneyStick Vape Mod Kits and Conceal Mini Mods

From full-size vape mod kits like our Sub-Ohm Sport to ultra-compact conceal digital Mod vaporizers such as Aerobee. HoneyStick carries a wide variety of vaporizers that can truly enhance your vaping experience. Our vape mods for oil, wax, and herbs are some of the most highly rated vaping products on the market and you can see product reviews directly on the product pages of our website. We specialize in mini box mod concealers for discreet hits of your favorite essential oil, however, we also have a full-size vape box mod for everybody who is looking for huge clouds and high power vape battery.