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Dab Pen Cartridges and Wax Vape Tanks

One of the key components of any Dab Pen, the part that vaporizes the wax is the Dab Pen Cartridge or Wax Vape Tank. This component is an essential part of the dab pen in its entirety because without it you don't get any vapor and it controls the entire vaping experience. READ MORE

How Dab Carts Works?

Dab Pen Cartridge or Vape Tank dictate the Flavor, the Temperature, Intensity, and capacity of the vaping experience. Wax Vape Tank control the Flavor you get when you vape of how much of your waxes flavor profile actually makes it to your pallet. Having different options of materials like Ceramic, Quartz, Silica, Kenthol, Titanium, or Nickel all have their effect on flavor. These materials can be used to be the composition of the coil and or the bowl and can alter how your concentrates or wax will taste when vaporized. The wax tanks essentially control the vaping experience and the below factors should be examined before purchasing one for your dab pen. Wax Atomizers
Dab Pen Cartridge and Concentrate Flavor
Structure compositions of your vape tank will also have an effect on the temperature that wax tank will vaporize concentrates at which can again make a large difference in the flavor, intensity, and how it preserves the potency of the concentrates. Luckily certain nickel or titanium wax atomizers allow you to use a temperature regulating wax pen battery so you can dial in the degrees you would like to vaporize at allowing you to fully optimize the experience. Certain dabs concentrate even have a recommended temperature to achieve peak taste, potency, and effect. Selecting the appropriate vape pen cartridge can really customize the experience to the individual user for optimal results.
Wax Vapor Intensity
The next effect a dab vape cart can have is the intensity which is the size of the hit or vapor volume you will take from your dabs. This is commonly referred to as the "rip" of the dab pen. Different dab pen cartridges or tanks have different peak volts or watts you can power them with generally dictating the size of the RIP. You can go from slim and small to rather large robust rig-like experiences when you see the number of options available in vape pen cartridges for dabs in terms of peak power output.
The Capacity of your Wax Tank
The last major category where your dab carts can have an effect is the actual fill capacity which is how much dab / slab or concentrates you can actually load into it for one fill. Within wax tanks, you have from thin to fat, certain carts that can get you a couple rips to larger tanks where you can jam-pack half a gram plus in them for over a dozen large rips. However don't be mislead if you have high capacity and high power that doesn't mean you will get more rips or duration, because the fuel tank of an Escalade needs to be larger than that of a Prius to get similar range, but if you keep the wattage down and the fill-up you should be able to reduce the number of times you need to load your dab tank.
Best Dab Carts for Sale
Shop for HoneyStick wax concentrate tanks and cartridges for any dab pen battery you may have (as long as it's standard 510 thread). From skinny dab carts like a single-coil Silencer, to match the diameter of your stick dab pen battery, to full-size vape tanks like our Extreme Wax Tank, with monster triple coil ceramic heater as powerful as a table-top rig.

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