WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

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WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

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Pick your perfect HoneyStick dab pen battery for all kinds of Dabbing - stealth and discreet wax pens, an on-the-go disposable dab pen or a full-size tabletop performance Extreme wax vaporizer. READ MORE

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How to build your perfect dab pen?

Your wax or dab pen is made of two components. The first component is going to be your dab pen battery. Batteries suitable for waxy concentrate vaping goes from very simple to complex. Obviously, in you set you will need to have a vape battery, which is essentially your powder plant for your dabbing vape setup and match it with a wax tank or dab pen cartridge, the second component of your dab vape pen.

Dab Pen Battery

HoneyStick vape pen batteries for dabs or wax concentrates are one of the best money can buy. From disposable wax pens to full-size powerful dab pen batteries like HoneyStick Sport MOD battery in Extreme Wax Vaporizer. From simple and small dab pen stick battery all the way up to big pro-size MODs and wax vaporizer power-plans, which are more complex and powerful. With so many cartridge battery choices, picking the best wax concentrate carts battery vs oil cartridge battery can be very confusing. We want to give you a good basic idea of what to look for when putting together the perfect vape set for concentrate. Depends on how big and powerful tank you want the power plant of your vape set - the dab pen battery, should match it. For something relatively slim and sleek you can pick up one of our stick batteries. The Elf VV battery has three different voltage settings and you can use any kind of slim wax tank or wax atomizer.

Typical Dab Pen Batteries
Slim Pen Battery
For slim dab batteries, you definitely want to pick a thin wax atomizer. Out of our slim 510 batteries, you can step up to the twist batteries - one step up which you can twist adjust the voltage. Our Phantom Carbon Fiber twist battery carries 500Mah of power with variable voltage adjustments from 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob.

Concealed Wax Cartridge Batteries
Concealed Cartridge Battery

For more discrete route pick up one of the HoneyStick awesome concealer units. They are slightly larger than the dab pen battery because the wax cartridge gets hidden inside of the actual battery body. Our Beekeeper 2.0 Multi wax pen battery, paired with our silencer wax atomizer makes concealed, small and compact setup. With more capacity (650 mAh) you will need fewer charges, and with 20 Watts output power this battery will bake your wax instantly providing amazing hits.

Full-Size Wax Batteries
Full-Size Wax Battery

For larger wax tanks, with more concentrate capacity and vaporizing power, you're going to need a larger dab pen battery. In this category, we have our Defender 2600mAh battery and we have our Sport 2000mAh Internal Battery with up to 60Watt output. Both in 510 thread, digitally adjustable and with very high output, making them ideal power-plants for any dab concentrate vaping tanks or carts.

Wax Atomizers, Tanks & Cartridges

The dab tank or cartridge is what you fit the concentrates into and use to vaporize. You can use them to vape a variety of cannabis extracts. From oils that hard enough to go into solid-state like butane hash oil all the way to crumbles, shatters, pressed waxes and budder extracts. Honeystick specializes in the exchangeable 510 thread wax vape cartridges you can mix-and-match with all types of dab pen battery.

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Vape Pen Kits for Wax Concentrate

We've already paired some of our best wax tanks and suitable for dabbing batteries ready to go. HoneyStick has put together some awesome vape kits for you. If you're unsure which tank or battery to use you can always pick up already a pre-selected kit that is meant to work for your wax concentrate and all vape pen needs out of the box.

  • If you're looking for something small-caliber check out our Nano-Dabber kit. it combines our Silencer tank and our Twist 510 dab battery. Fully rechargeable, slim, very inexpensive little dabber vape kit.
  • To step up for a little bit more, but still keeping it compact and portable, we have our Aficionado wax vape kit which combines 2 different wax atomizers. One with a ceramic doughnut as well as one dual quartz rod with the large-sized bowl. This is actually a 510 high capacity dab battery. Very small, slim, sleek very cool wax pen but it is wider than our slim tanks like Silencer.
  • If you want to go extreme, you like that pocket dab rig kind of feeling with the max power we have our Extreme wax vaporizer kit. It comes with an Extreme wax tank a Sport powerful battery, just made for dabs, the two different coils. The Extreme is really a dab beast and it is probably the best large-caliber output wax pen kit you can get.
  • For something that can fit in your pocket your purse that is more powerful and really rips we have our Ripper 2.0. This concealed dab & oil vape unit has the best wax atomizer in there. Large bore, large output, dual quartz wax atomizer which is fully concealed. This is a sub-ohm caliber so it delivers the same power as these larger batteries. The unique proprietary blend looks just like a little lighter, even clicks and flips like one. With those dual quartz coils, we're talking about monster concealer wax hits with high sub-ohm power.

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