HoneyStick Weed Vape Pen Collection

Honeystick specialize in weed pen type vaporizers. Our dab pen products are designed specifically for cannabis weed concentrate. If you enjoy cannabis concentrate HoneyStick weed pen is just essential to have, and here is why. Our dab pens are stealthy and secretive about what you do. Delivering as powerful as a full-size box mod vape performance. Choose your ideal HoneyStick dab vape out of all weed pen types we carry. Whatever is more essential to you, the taste you receive from the weed dabs, or the volume of the hit, the number of fills, and the heat up time, we carry the right weed pen in our vape shop.

Best Selling 5 HoneyStick Weed Dab Pens:

#1HRB Dry Herb Weed Pen w/ Glass Water Bubbler

The HRB weed pen is Honeystick's newest addition to their premium dry herb vaporizers. Powered by a high-capacity battery with 5 distinct temperature levels. Equipped with a large 12mm in diameter weed heating chamber with rapid-heating technology, reaching the highest temperature of 428°F in less than 2 seconds. Additionally, the HRB weed pen offers two glass mouthpiece options for tailored experiences.

#2HoneyStick Cannabis Cup Concentrate Vape Pen

Our HoneyStick team designed this specialized wax pen kit for weed concentrates to bring out the full potential of the power, performance, and flavor of the cannabis flower with every drag. Our extraction partners took great care in creating this combination for the Judges of the High Times Cup, and it shows in every large bowl.
This weed dab vape beast is powered by two quartz rod heaters and has a ceramic bowl for rapid heating and taste nuances that are missed in conventional pens. An adjustable low, medium, and high temperature battery is available for use in the power plant.

#3Weed pen with Plasma Quartz Heater

A proprietary heating coil is located below the glass bowl that will contain your chosen weed concentrates. Unique plasma like heating element. Plasma weed vape cartridge "super-heats" the glass bowl made out of Quartz, to an extreme temperature of almost 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (3 temperature settings). You can get the cleanest, most flavorful hits possible from a device of this size because to the air inlet's placement just above the bowl. HoneyStick's newest offering is a sophisticated device for taste enthusiasts. It may be used with a wide variety of concentrates, including waxes, dabs, crumbles, rosins, heftier slabs, and even a few drops of essential oil.

#4Portable Vape Pen for Weed Concentrate

The Pocket Plasma portable dab pen utilizes an efficient weed/concentrate atomizer, featuring a quartz-glass heating chamber paired with a 316 stainless steel coil. This robust combo operates with a resistance ranging from 1 ohm to 1.2 ohms, offering temperatures between 752°F to 1022°F (400°C-550°C). With 3 temperature settings, selected by 3 clicks: 3.2V, 3.6V, and high 4.0V, the Plasma dab pen is perfect for unlocking the full potential of your weed concentrates.

#5The Nano Weed Dabber Vape Pen for Concentrate

The greatest weed wax pen or dab pen for beginners in terms of price and rechargeability. You can change your power with the turn of a knob on the Nano Dab Pen. The strong 500 mAh vape pen battery allows you to maintain that charge for a very long period. From the battery to the silencer, which is a booming wax atomizer for small batteries, quality of manufacture and feel is present throughout. The ideal wax dab pen combines a large ceramic bowl with a patented silicon carbide heater to provide monster rips, smooth draws, quick heat-ups, and a plenty of taste. The dab pen atomizer's body detaches for simple cleaning and concentrate loading. is designed to almost completely eradicate splatter or hot bubbles. All of this is contained in a thin, sleek, strong wax pen that maintains an air of elegance and discretion while providing major pro power at entry-level pricing. The ideal wax pen for traveling. It is thin and lightweight enough to be worn on a lanyard. Enjoy the ride by adjusting the power knob from moderate to crazy.

#6Electric Rig for Weed Concentrate and Dry Herb Vaping

Introducing the HoneyStick Weed Ripper, the E Rig for Dabs and Herbs. Tabletop powerhouse designed to elevate your dabbing and weed vaping experience to new heights. Honeystick Ripper seamlessly transitions between functioning as an Electric Dab Rig and a Dry Herb Electric Bong, providing users with unparalleled versatility. With the inclusion of a ceramic dry herb heating chamber, and powerful weed concentrate atomizer (with 2 Quartz Bowls) in the kit, users can enjoy the best of both worlds with ease. Powered by a robust 4000mAh USB-C rechargeable battery, this rig offers lasting performance for extended sessions. Featuring a total of 8 temperature settings illuminated by different colored LEDs, users can customize their experience to suit their preferences perfectly, whether indulging in light, medium, or heavy sessions. The Wax Atomizer with Glass Carb Cap ensures optimal dabbing, while the Dry Weed Herb Ceramic Heating Chamber, Mesh Protector, and Perforated Metal Cap provide a seamless transition between materials.

Electric Nectar Collector Dab Pen

What is an electric nectar collector? A classic nectar collector among dabbers is a much more portable and simpler version of a dab rig. This powerful cannabis device is only used to smoke weed concentrates. An Electric Nectar Collector is a vaping device allowing you to do the same thing, just without combustion or need for lighter. There are many variants of electric nectar collectors available but essentially they all works in the same way. You will place your weed concentrate in some open container, then dip the ceramic heater of nectar collector in it. Once you press the button initiating process, the dab touching ceramic heater will vaporize and you will inhale the weed fumes at the other end via mouthpiece.

Electric Nectar Collector Schematics

What are a dab straw benefits? Electric Nectar Collector, commonly referred to as a dab straw is a clever instrument designed for weed dabbing. Given that they are practical, transportable, and reasonably priced, they are the ideal gift for a die-hard dab aficionado. You need not need a torch or open fire because, unlike conventional glass nectar collectors, the battery powers the collector heating tip. The manner you smoke is what makes electric nectar collectors special. The gadget is not often filled with weed concentrate, wax, or cannabis thick oil, unlike standard dab pens and vaporizers. The extracts are placed in a glass or silicone jar, the electric nectar collector's tip is placed on the extract, and the extract is smoked like a straw.

#1The Stinger Electric Nectar Collector Vaporizer

The Bee-Master vape battery is very compact in size with a 500 mAh capacity. Due to this great feature, the HoneyStick twist battery fires most 510 thread carts on the market without trouble. The twist battery has the voltage adjustments option between 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob at the bottom. This 510 Thread Battery also has an advanced pre-heat function and the perfect set button resistance that screams quality.

#2Our Own Honey Straw Nectar Collector

The Bee-Master vape battery is very compact in size with a 500 mAh capacity. Due to this great feature, the HoneyStick twist battery fires most 510 thread carts on the market without trouble. The twist battery has the voltage adjustments option between 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob at the bottom. This 510 Thread Battery also has an advanced pre-heat function and the perfect set button resistance that screams quality.

Wax Pen Battery and Cartridge Explained

Honeystick's Coo Dan Hoff has produced very informative and instructional video on the topic of dab pens, vape batteries and wax cartridges. You have a lot of options when it comes to making the perfect dab pen, which comprises of two components: the battery and the atomizer. This video will go through the several varieties of wax pen batteries and how they work, as well as which dab atomizer, tank, or cartridge goes best with each. If you're having trouble deciding on your next wax pen, HoneyStick offers various pre-assembled wax vape kits which will be mentioned at the conclusion of the video.

There are different types of weed pen available when buying vape. These can be broken down into a few main categories. The first and the most classical one is powered by a heating coil. Even though this one is considered a vaporizer it is actually a combustion style pen because a spiral heating coil actually touches the flower and makes a combustion type smoke and vapor that is inhaled. The other most common type is a full ceramic heating chamber that is actually the most popular one. The herbs sit within a chamber or a ceramic style oven and they get heated between 350F and 440F and it will vaporize.

Within Ceramic dry herb vapes there is convection and conduction vapes which differs on the heating style. lastly there is a vaporizer which uses an electric heating chamber but will use either a balloon or whip to transfer the vapor to the end user. These are mostly table top units however and usually plug into the wall outlet whereas the other units are battery operated. 

A wax pen is a vaporizer that is specifically designed to vaporize concentrates that are in a solid form into a vapor. Most wax pens consist of 2 parts which is a battery and a wax tank.

The dab pen battery is used to power the heater within the wax tank that will turn the solid wax into a vapor to be inhaled by the user. Wax vaporizers are most commonly used to vaporize Wax, dab, shatter, rosin, cake batter, sugar, solid distillates, and crumbles. Wax pens usually use ceramic or quartz heaters to come in direct contact with the wax to vaporize it.

Dab weed is a cannabis concentrate that is in the form of wax. Cannabis grows in the form of a flower or plant whose parts and leaves / buds are then taken to be extracted into the form of cannabis concentrates. These extractions most commonly use CO2 extraction or Butane extraction.

Dabs are synonymous with waxes which are concentrates that are solid or in the texture of a candle and these are sold so they can be vaporized and inhaled. 

Dab pens have a wide price range. A good reliable dab pen can be purchased for just under $30.00 which will perform reliably and take care of all the functions needed to properly vaporize dabs and waxes. Luxury dab pens however are wax and dab pens that fall in the range of $150 - $300. Many of these wax pens even use advanced water filtration to help make the experience more pleasurable, however the activation and performance isn't incremental to the difference in price. 

Dab pens themselves don't smell however you do get a distinctive odor when the vapor cloud is exhaled. It is not however the traditional scent that is associated with joint or bong hits.

The big difference between the smell of dab pens and traditional combustion cannabis is that the smell upon exhale does not linger and dissipates very quickly. Whereas traditional combustion forms of cannabis the smell lingers and gets absorbed into its surroundings.

How to use a weed pen? Weed pens even though different have similar functionality.

Most weed pens will require you to grind the herbs down so they can fit within the devices heating chamber.

Once they are packed into the heating chamber the pen should be fully assembled and charged.

The device will be preheated to get to an appropriate temperature to vaporize the dry herbs within the chamber. once this temperature is reached the user can inhale to draw out the vapor from the heating chamber.

Once the vaping session is completed the user will lock or turn off the vaping device. 

Weed Dap Pen Cartridge Selection

Your weed dab vape tank's structure composition will affect the temperature at which the wax tank vaporizes concentrates. This may significantly alter the taste, intensity, and way that it keeps the potency of the weed concentrates. Fortunately, certain nickel or titanium wax atomizers let you to utilize a temperature-regulating wax pen battery, enabling you to precisely control the dabs vaporization temperature and maximize the experience. Even a suggested temperature for a particular dabs concentrate's optimal flavor, strength, and impact has been established. Choosing the right dab pen cartridge may actually tailor the experience to the specific user for the best outcomes.

Weed Concentrate Atomizer Types

Atomizers with coils. The new standard for atomizers is coil atomizers, whether they are made of quartz or ceramic. The finest taste is produced by using an atomizer with quartz or coils since they do not absorb as much of the substance as wick atomizers do. Dabbing works well with coil atomizers since they have the greatest material and can heat up the substance without overheating it. Quartz coils also enable your pens to heat up quickly, extending the battery life since the coils don't use as much power to heat up. All coil atomizers may contain one to three coils, which provides a wider heating area and more vapor delivery.

Ceramic Donut Atomizers. Also referred to as coinless atomizers. When it comes to pens, these atomizers are among the most recent in the vape industry. When it comes to vaporizing your concentrates, coil-less atomizers offer the finest taste since they enable all the terpenes to be liberated. These atomizers are often composed of ceramic or titanium, and since they are simpler to clean than conventional coil atomizers, they may last longer.

Plasma Quartz Heaters. Quartz dab bowl is electrically heated at a high temperature, which vaporizes the wax within the bowl to give you the best possible flavor. Pulls and rips will be silky smooth and keep their purity when using a professional-grade chamber and mouthpiece designed for comfort and flow. Anyone for power? Yes, this device's working range is between 35 and 45 Watts, thus both power and taste may be experienced.

HoneyStick Dab Cart Collection

For whatever dab pen batteries you may have (as long as it has a standard 510 thread), look for HoneyStick weed concentrate dab carts. From slim vape tanks like our Extreme Wax Tank, which has a monster triple coil ceramic heater as strong as a table-top rig, to slender dab carts like the single-coil Silencer, to fit the diameter of your stick dab pen batteries.

The flavor, temperature, intensity, and capacity of the vaping experience are determined by the dab cart or vape tank. How much of your wax's taste profile really reaches your palate depends on how much of it is vaporized in your wax vape tank. The taste may be affected by using various materials, such as ceramic, quartz, silica, kenthol, titanium, or nickel. These substances may change how your concentrates or wax will taste after they are vaporized and can be used to make the coil and/or the bowl.

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