WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

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WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

Oil Cartridges, 510 Thread Vape Tanks and CCELL ceramic coils

Oil Vape Cartridge - Elevate the vaping experience w/ the best HoneyStick oil vape tanks!

Honeystick has been an innovator in making oil vape cartridges to elevate the vaping experience from just standard vape and oil cartridges. this starts out with lots of R&D and selection of the best components so that flavor, intensity, performance, and activation are maximized. From white labeling oil vape cartridges or some of the best-known extractors to building cannabis cup winning oil tanks, you can rest assured when you buy HoneyStick cartridges your oil sits in the right cartridge.

What 510 Thread means?

Most Oil tanks use a 510 thread screw adapter which makes the electrical connection with your vape pen. 510 threaded cartridges are the most common on the market and are generally sold in the prefilled form in dispensaries. Outside of our VPOD unit, all of our tanks and oil vape cartridges are 510 thread and are usually cross-compatible with many other branded 510 thread batteries.

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Oil cartridge with CCELL (ceramic coil) or Wick Heater?

Ceramic Coil (CCELL) - Many Honeystick oil vape cartridges use a ceramic coil powerplant within its heating assembly. This is used because the ceramic-based heaters do a good job of accentuating flavor notes from the oils and are generally very reliable with low leakage rates. They do not heat up as quickly as some other cartridges do but once they are up and running the intensity of ceramic vape oil Cartridges do a very good job and usually make nice clouds and offer good activation. some companies have coiled the name CCELL which is register by a few brands selling cartridges. CCELL is just a fancy name for a ceramic block heating assembly within a cartridge and honey stick makes several cartridges using similar technology for better results.
Wick Cartridges - When it comes to oil cartridges, wick heaters are what started it all. They came over from ecig technology that was transferred and slightly modified for oil vaporizers. The way wick cartridges work is a porous material known as a wick wrapped in heater wire will absorb the oil or liquid resting in the cartridge chamber. The Heater will heat the wick and vaporize what has absorbed on it. These items were very basic technology could burn thick oils but didn't perform or taste very well. However, they were the first mass-market prefilled oil cartridges and didn't leak and were relatively reliable.

Choosing The Best Vape Tank

Original Sub-Ohm Vape Tank The top dog of all prefilled carts and sub-ohm cannabis cup winner in Socal is the Original gangster sub ohm tank. Built bulletproof to be flavorful and powerful this monster doesn't leak and hits notes and bong sized hits when strapped to your mod battery. When someone is looking for the best of breed oil vape cartridge they can find that experience with the OG sub ohm vape tank.

Performance 510 Oil Cartridge - is an oil vape tank HoneyStick built to bring you a sub ohm like experience out of a small refillable tank that can work with standard small caliber slim batteries. When someone is looking for an oil tank that gives a killer performance for its size this oil tank is the champion offering insane intensity and wicked taste.

Sport Sub-Ohm Oil Vape Tank - for someone looking for sub-ohm like power and taste but wants it in a slightly simpler package with a tad more discretion they cannot go wrong with the sub ohm sport model. it opens up the intensity level and allows users to fill more than one gram of oils into their oil vape tank. This is a 510 thread battery that works with most mod batteries.

Liberty Oil Vape Cartridge 1ml & 0.5ml- is a ceramic powered unit that is available in 0.5Ml and 1.0 ML sizes, it has another unique feature for a small oil cartridge that is variable airflow control on the top of the tank. Its wider bore mouthpiece offers larger than life effortless hits with the sweet ceramic powerplant making sure all terps are tasted. this tank uses authentic pyrex glass material to make sure your oil is kept safe, clean and tasting good when stored for an extended amount of time.

Oil Cartridge Replacement for Phantom - this oil vape cartridge is one of the best starter tanks that is an upgrade from standard cartridges. It is an oil tank that is easy to fill an ultra reliable and works with a multitude of batteries. This vape oil cartridge is known for being smooth as silk with its hits and making sure its flavor is on point.

The HoneyStick 510 1ML Cloud / Ceramic Tank - If you have clouds in mind when choosing a small oil tank to work with slim batteries make sure you pick up this new oil vape cartridge that makes massive hits and can run a much higher power band than standard oil vape tanks. You will not be let down by the flavor of this beast as it makes sure to keep that pure with its sweet ceramic power plant.

Elf Replacement Oil Cartridge - Is probably the highest performance oil cartridge you can buy for auto draw batteries that are buttonless. This oil Vape cartridge has a rapid heat up ceramic heater that will give nice hits and good flavor with minimal power input. This Vape cartridge is one of our most popular cartridges as it is really the only auto draw upgrade from wick cartridges. Great construction and end result in this awesome oil vape tank.