510 Thread Battery

Shop for the best 510 batteries sold by HoneyStick. Each vape batt model listed here, showcases unique features, durability, and modern design.

Transparent 510 Thread Battery by Stache


HoneyStick Quatro 510 Thread Battery


HoneyStick Twist 510 Vape Pen Battery - 8 Colors

$20.00 – $22.00

HoneyStick Trigon 510 Vape Pen Battery

$27.50 – $29.50

Elf Stick Variable Voltage 510 Vape Pen Battery


HoneyStick Gen 2 Auto Draw 510 Vape Pen Battery


Multicolor Buttonless 510 Thread Battery


VV Buttonless Vape Pen Battery


Bee-Master Oil Vape Pen Battery Kit


Bee Keeper Stick - 510 Cartridge Vape Battery


HoneyStick BOX Cartridge Battery Concealer

$29.99 – $315.00

HoneyStick DUO Cartridge Vape - Autodraw Dual 510 Cart Battery

$29.99 – $210.00

AeroBee Nano Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges


Defender Sub-Ohm 510 Thread Battery w/ Custom Skin


Pyramid Cartridge Battery by HoneyStick


CLICK Key Fob Vape Battery for 510 Carts


Rokin Rage 510 Thread Cartridge Battery


BeeBox Auto-Draw Oil Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges


Rokin Dial 510 Cartridge Battery


Rokin Tank Mini Cartridge Vape Mod


Rokin TANK Mini 2.0 510 Cartridge Battery


BeeBox PRO Vape Battery for 510 Cartridges & PODs


Watch our 510 Battery Tutorial. Comparison of vape pen style cart batteries, all types & features.

If you think about it 510 almost sounds like 710 which is a popular term for “OIL” upside down. But the origin of the term 510 actually has nothing to do with 710, it's just a coincidence. You might be asking yourself, “why was it named 510 thread?”. The term “510” was used for vape pen batteries and cartridges because most of the connectors are 5 MM in diameter and have 10 screw threads. This allows for a tight connection and one that will last a long time. 510 thread vape pens are among the best in the industry because of their ability to work with so many kinds of carts and batteries interchangeably.

If you’re looking for a vape pen battery that has a universal connector, the 510 thread is as close as it gets. Although 510 threads are incredibly popular and a standard in the engineering of most vape pens, there are some vape pen products that use proprietary connections that are still very reliable too.

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

A 510 battery is a universal vape battery designed to work with 510-threaded vape cartridges. These batteries provide power to the cartridge, allowing you to vape your favorite vape oil or concentrates.

510 Thread BatteryA typical vape pen battery is usually a pen shape and size designed to work with 510 thread cartridges for oil, e-liquid, or concentrate. Those vapes carry from 250mAh to 1200mAh and more power. These battery units are equipped with the industry-standard, universal 510 thread to be assembled with the same thread carts, tanks, and atomizers.

Universal 510 Thread Battery and CartridgeOverall, we recommend 510 thread batteries as an economical, universal vaping option that you can buy for vacations or traveling in general. It’s a great choice that provides decent temperature/power options and powerful hits from your vape carts with such a compact design. You can easily hide this pen in a small bag, in your pocket, or purse while traveling.

510 Battery Q/A

As a vape industry standard, 510 threaded vape batteries are widely available online and in any vape shop. However, here at vapehoneystick.com, you can buy the best performing vape battery tailored to your needs.

To clean your vape battery, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the threading and contact points. Make sure the battery is off before cleaning and allow it to dry completely before using it again.

There are three common ways to charge a vape pen battery:

  • Screw the battery into a USB charger specifically designed for 510 thread batteries.
  • Charge via a Micro USB or Type 'C' USB cable.
  • For newer models like the Pyramid 510 Vape Battery, you can even use a wireless iPhone charger.

On average, it takes about 2 - 3 hours to fully charge a typical pen battery, with capacity between 250mAh to 650mAh. However, the charging time may vary depending on the specific battery model, mAh capacity and the charging method used. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for charging to ensure optimal performance and battery life.

There are several categories to consider. For stick or vape pen batteries (size and shape of a pen), the HoneyStick Twist 510 vape battery is a top choice. For 510 cartridge batteries, the newest HoneyStick Pyramid vape battery or the all-time bestseller AeroBee Digital Battery for 510 Cartridges are excellent options.

Our prices vary from $15 for the Elf Stick 510 battery to $69 for the AeroBee Digital 510 cart battery, but on average, the cost is around $20.

The lifespan of a 510 pen battery depends on its usage and maintenance. With proper care, a high-quality vape batt can last for several months to a year or even longer. However, battery life may decrease over time due to wear and tear or if it's not properly maintained.

If you’re looking for a vape battery or complete vaporizer (or both), that is universal and can easily be swapped out to work with other carts and batteries, then 510 thread is definitely the way to go.

Compatibility – The main advantage of having the industry-standard 510 threaded battery is the fact it will work with all vape cartridges on the market, regardless of what are you vaping. If it is a 510 cart – simply screw it in and vape away.
Lightweight – 510 vapes are probably the lightest vaping devices out there. In comparing to full-size MOD vaporizers which might weigh even 1 pound or more, the typical 510 pen weight is just as much as a typical AAA battery
Portability - Small portable size of these vapes makes them perfect for on-the-go lifestyle and travel.
Ease of Use – simply screw in your tank and press the button. It does not get simpler than that.

Here at Vape Honeystick, most of our products work with 510 thread and many of our customers ONLY buy 510 thread components because they want to know that they can use their parts interchangeably with what they already have. 510 is the new standard in vaping and dabbing industry. We strongly recommend it for all your vaping devices because they’re effective, long-lasting and of course the most versatile type of connection in the vape market.

Types of 510 Vape Battery

Among the most versatile and popular in the vaping industry is the 510 battery, named for its universally compatible threaded design. There are three primary types of these batteries: the button-operated vape pen battery, the buttonless or autodraw 510 battery, and the cartridge battery designed specifically for 510 vape cartridges. Let's delve deeper into the unique features and benefits each type, assisting you in making the most informed choice for the Best 510 Vape Battery.

Standard 510 Thread Battery with Button

1. Vape Pen Battery (Button Operated):

Button-operated 510 battery is the most popular choice for vapers due to simplicity and the control they offer. With a press of a button, users can manually operate the device, controlling when the battery heats the vape juice or concentrates in the cartridge. These types of 510 batteries often feature variable voltage settings, allowing users to customize their vaping experience to their preference. Furthermore, they often include a locking feature for safety, activated by a series of button clicks, preventing accidental activation when not in use.

Autodraw 510 Battery (Buttonless)

2. Autodraw 510 Battery (Buttonless):

Autodraw, or buttonless 510 batteries, are known for their simplicity and ease of use. These devices activate automatically when the user takes a draw from the mouthpiece, eliminating the need for buttons. This feature makes them a perfect choice for those new to vaping or for those who prefer a more straightforward user experience. Autodraw 510 battery is sleek and discreet, offering a more seamless, intuitive vaping experience. However, they often (not always) lack variable voltage settings found on button-operated 510 thread battery.

510 Cartridge Battery

3. Cartridge Battery - Designed for 510 Vape Cartridges:

Cartridge batteries are an innovative choice for powering 510 vape cartridges. These compact units, small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse, often come with a design that conceals the cartridge, enhancing discretion and maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Many adopt a mini box-mod like structure, offering a robust power profile despite their modest dimensions.

Cart batteries frequently utilize a 510 thread magnet connector for easy attachment and detachment of cartridges, while others employ a traditional 510 thread port. Compared to standard stick 510 batteries, they generally boast a higher power output and capacity, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience that lasts longer between charges. Check out the HoneyStick 510 cartridge battery collection.

Different Types of 510 Threads

There are 2 different types of 510 thread connectors on vape batteries. Although both are using the same thread, the connector itself is slightly different.

Vapor Batteries with universal 510 Thread

Type-C Connector The most common 510 battery connector type is the type-C. A vastly used thread type in most 510 batteries and vaporizers. Type C connectors are usually flat, with a threaded connector embedded into the surface of your vape battery or MOD. When you screw your cartridge or tank down into the surface of your vape you're making a more solid and reliable assembly.

Type C and Ego vape battery connector thread types

eGo Connector Another type of thread is the eGo 510 connector. Ego type connector is similar to the standard type C but it has a different thread location around the side and is known as the 510 eGo thread. Both the eGo and type-C vape battery thread work great. We carry many vapes and cartridges that use 510 thread and will work with both: type-C and eGo connectors. However, if your battery, MOD, or tank are designed for eGo thread only - we have a solution for that too. Check out the 510 to EGO Thread Adapter offered right on our web store.

510 Pen Battery Functions & Specs

Battery Capacity and Types Just like most vape batteries, they are usually lithium-ion and rechargeable, typically with a USB charging cable. Some vape batteries are Alkaline or NiMh but those are usually mod batteries and they’re not very common. Depending on the battery’s capacity, some batteries can last longer than others. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hours and they range in size from 250mAh to 850 mAh in most cases.

510 Thread Vape Cartridges and Batteries

Variable Voltage Functionality Some batteries have a feature known as “variable voltage” which allows you to regulate the heating strength with a dial or with buttons on units that have an interface. 510 thread battery with the variable voltage allows you to dial in the perfect temperature for specific types of concentrates which as a result provides a much better-tasting hit. We carry several vape batteries that have variable voltage which you can purchase directly from our web store.

Variable Voltage 510 Batteries

Preheat Functionality for oils and concentrate atomizers Aside from the battery voltage regulation, another great feature that some 510 vape batteries offer is preheated functionality. The pre-heating vape pens are usually made for thick oils or wax atomizers that require low heat for better-tasting hits. We carry many vape pens and batteries that have a pre-heat feature which you can view on our web store.

Typical 510 Vape Battery

Typical 510 vape battery looks like a pen or stick, in terms of size and shape. It uses the standardized size thread connector for vape oil or dab cartridges. It is typically a screw-on type which is exactly what 510 thread is. 510 threaded connections can be seen in almost every vape pen or vape battery now. It’s an industry standard that you will see across most of the vape pen batteries that have detachable carts.

In most cases, when you hear the term 510, it’s referring to the connection type used for a vape cartridge or a battery. Most vape pens consist of those two core parts, the battery, and the tank. There are many different types of batteries and cartridges that all serve different purposes but generally, they all work the same way. The vape pen battery is used to power-up the vape cartridge heater or atomizer, used to vaporize concentrate or oil inside of the cart, by means of electric heating.

Best 510 Vape Battery by HoneyStick

For vapers who are on the lookout for the ultimate vaping experience and top-performing units, look no further than HoneyStick's best 510 vape battery comparison page. We understand that choosing the right battery is crucial for maximizing your vaping sessions, and our comprehensive comparison page offers a detailed breakdown of the features and benefits of our premium 510 thread battery products.

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