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Twisted HTR Pipe - Large

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Fresh off the press the team at HoneyStick is proud to introduce one of the highest quality,  premium reloading smoking pipes available. Designed to maximize performance, elegance, and discreteness our Twisted HTR is perfect for people on-the-go, or the connoisseur.  The Body of the unit is made of a high grade German glass designed to preserve taste and withstand torching heat, this glass is covered by a high grade gun-metal sleeve, to not only protect the glass, but insulate it from heat transfer during lighting.


- German High Quality Glass Body
- Protective Gunmetal Sleeve providing Protection, Concealment, and Insulation. 
- Unique mouthpiece for maximized flow and filtration.
- Will fit most standard bong stems.
- Threaded Plunger for rapid reload.
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This metal sleeve has a strategically placed window on both sides so the level of its contents can be seen while maintaining concealment. This sleeve, covers 80% of the unit to allow only glass portion to be lit. The Twisted HTR comes with a specially designed mouthpiece that offers maximum airflow and filtration and is sized to adapt to standard bong stems / rigs. The mouthpiece is attached to a perfectly threaded plunger that with a simple twist allows for rapid reloading. Lastly a silicone cover keeps the glass part concealed during carry and contents highlight packed/ sealed when loaded.
Revised Contents:
1 X Twisted HTR Dry Herbs Pipe
1 X Silicone Cap
1 X Cleaning Tool
Customer Reviews (2)
Great Glass Cigar Safety Twisty!
I always seem to break the glass on my twisties at some point, then the fun is done. Somehow in my search for the perfict glass cigar twisty for me I came upon this HTR model and I must say GOOD DEAL! This is a brilliant bit of kit with a protective sleeve of metal, good gasket, and smart bits to the mouth draw end. I find not pushing whilst threading and leaving the tobacco or other stuff a bit chunky helps with the over packed issue that happens with a finer grind. The fluffy bits work best and don't clog up the draw end as fast. I also changed out the filter bit in the mouth piece end, a sheet of organic cotton cut and rolled to size works great and keeps a clean machine. Trying the HTR nano next for a quick and easy smoke on the go. Review by Ben (Posted on 10/8/2018)
great product, but not foolproof
This is essentially a huge glass joint. It’s well-designed, really convenient, and unique among the company’s electronically-oriented range of products. However, it has a few finite issues that could arise with almost any product. “Loss of herb” is a real possibility. It’s easy to have flakes miss the glass opening, and its hard to judge how tightly to pack it given the plunger that still has to be threaded in rotating counterclockwise. When you remove the cap to smoke, rotate clockwise to ash. Depending on how successful your pack and thread were, you might have a problem with inconsistent ashing. As you continue ashing, the herb will be packed further by the threading action potentially leading to draw issues. It comes with a small cleaning tool, which is useful. Theoretically, it will be easy to figure out how much works best with practice, so the product is absolutely worth a few tries. If you like joints but don’t have the patience or dexterity for rolling your own, this is your new tool. If you’re going out and want to have the good discretely with you, this is your new sidekick without all the paraphernalia “baggage.” Additionally, its mouthpiece purposefully fits standard water pipe downstems; then, the product essentially becomes a bottomless bowl that you never have to dump, scrape, or refill (at least for the night). I definitely recommend! Review by Cheryl (Posted on 7/31/2018)
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