WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

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WARNING: Honeystick brand products are not for use with nicotine or tobacco and solely to be used for therapeutic purposes including medical marijuana where so legal or other herbal medicinal therapeutic products.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank - The HoneyStick Oz-Ohm

As a dry herb vaporizer tank, Oz-Ohm uses a large ceramic heater to vaporize herbs, in kind of oven baking manners. The tank performance depends on wattage settings of your vaporizer battery. Less wattage will deliver very light vaporization. More wattage gets you more of a combustion style dry herb vaping experience.

The Oz-Ohm - dry herb tank 510 thread

The HoneyStick Oz-Ohm 510 dry herb vaporizer tank which is compatible with the most standard MOD vaporizers. You need to make sure that your mod battery is a 510 thread (as most mod batteries on the market). Because vaporization of the dry herb takes some power, you need to pick a mod that is power adjustable. Ideally, power adjustable within a range so you can set the wattage either up or down.

How do you use the vaporizer tank?

The Oz-Ohm is a dry herb tank for mods, or vape batteries using standard 510 thread connector. You screw it into your 510 thread mod battery make sure it's a nice hand tight. Next, lightly wiggle the tank glass cover off. The very first time you get your tank, it might be a little bit tight. If you have the base of your herb tank screwed into the battery and you gently wiggle side to side it'll come off just fine. Once your gaskets wear down from use just simply take those two rubber gaskets off with a pair of tweezers. Slide the two black extra gaskets (included with Oz-Ohm dry herb vaporizer tank kit) over and gaskets will be good as new.

Should I grind my herbs before I load the vape tank?

You do not have to find grind the dry herbs up - just pick them apart so they're not all clumped together in very small pieces. Also, you want to fill up the bowl to where it's about 3/4 full and you do not want to pack the bowl tightly. You need to have loose tights so that air can still flow and circulate around the bowl and when you draw on the inside of the bowl that you don't have it so tightly knit that the herb vapor doesn't come up. Once you have it nice and packed up, gently wiggle your glass back on and start vaping.

The wattage settings for dry herb vaping

The Oz-Ohm dry herb vaporizer tank has an operating range of 15 watts to 28 watts. That means if you're going over 28 watts you run the risk of burning out your coil. Once you set the desired wattage – it’s ready for vaping. Keep in mind that this is a ceramic bowl unit, so the heat up is not instantaneous. Push and hold the button down for five seconds and that's when you start inhaling. Continue holding the button and inhaling. Most vaporizer batteries have a 10 to 14-second timeout function.
That means that in order to continuously vaporize your dry herbs, you must release the button even if it's for a millisecond and then push back down to continue the heating cycle. If you want to see more vapor that comes out of your dry herbs, that is a little bit closer to the combustion side - dial up the intensity/wattage of your vape mod. If you run it up to 28 you're going to get a more rapid heat up and more of combustion.

Cleaning the Oz-ohm Dry Herb Tank

The easiest way to clean your dry herb vaporizer tank is to use isopropyl alcohol wipes. They're very easy and you run a very low risk of oversaturating your vaporizer. Furthermore, is right when you use your vaporizer tank for the first time it burns right off. One of the tanks that are commonly effective that needs to be cleaned is our HoneyStick Oz-Ohm dry herb vaporizer tank. Most people use the Oz-Ohm for vaping dry herbs and crystalline concentrates.

Cleaning Tips & How To’s

First, make sure that the vaporizer tank is detached from your vape battery or MOD. Make sure there's no power running through the unit. Once you've done that simply take out the atomizer and one of the alcohol wipes and very gently clean the inside of the ceramic heater bowl. Once you've cleaned it, you can then take a dry cloth and remove any other residues and clean around the bowl atomizer. Vaporized dry herbs will leave yellowish residue inside of the tank glass cover - you can very easily clean and polish it.
Use a new alcohol wipe to clean the inside and the outside of your tank glass cover piece. Your mouthpiece can become removed and clean the inside and outside. The alcohol wipes will also kill any bacteria on there so is also a very good way to sterilize your vaporizer tank after use.

Some people like to clean their dry herb tank after every time that they use them before they put them up for the day. Generally, you would like to clean the inside filter assembly if there are any herb residues clogging within the air holes. You can use a fine piece needle to pluck out any little dry herb particles there. Even a household toothpick will work just fine. Once your Oz-Ohm vaporizer tank is all clean and shiny it would just simply reassemble it put it back in the box and it's ready for use.

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