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Custom Vape Kits for Concentrate, Dry Herb and Oil Vaping

The HoneyStick Custom Vape Kits are made to order and each one is exclusive and a limited edition piece created for the vaper who wants the best products to cover all aspects of their vaping and be on the go. Each one of these kits offers a unique bundle of the best of breed vape devices and attachments to handle your oil, concentrates, dry herbs, dab / wax vaping needs. Pick your powerplant , pick your preferences, and pick perfection at a discounted price compared to buying the units individually. Lets start at the case which all cases are airtight, pressurized, scent proof, shock / impact resistant, and look awesome. Each case has a foam insert which is cut to fit exactly what is in your bundle so it is the ultimate transport method for your vapes. From mega bundles down to some 2 in 1 kits, there is something for everyone when it comes to choosing your HoneyStick custom vape kit for Oil, Wax / Concentrate or Dry Herb Vaping.

The ARSENAL Custom Vape Kit for Oils, Wax & Concentrates The Luxury HoneyStick ARSENAL Custom Vape Kit for Oils, Wax & Concentrates

Have access to the largest vaporizer arsenal available on wheels! Roll your exclusive Arsenal Vape Kit into any occasion with the highest on the market quality assortment custom assembled by the team at Honeystick. This compilation of vapes is robust enough for any gathering but limited enough to spark the interest of any collector that wants the best vaporizers, vape tanks, vape pens and cartridges bundle deal in an indestructible custom case. On wheels.
TOP SHELF Vape Kit for Oils, Concentrates & Dry Herbs HoneyStick TOP SHELF Vape Kit
for Oils, Concentrates & Dry Herbs Vaping

The HoneyStick Top Shelf Vape Kit, 3-in-1 custom Vape Kit for Oils, Wax / Concentrates and Dry Herb Vaping The latest oil vaporizers, wax & dry herb vape bundle kit offered from the Team at HoneyStick bringing you the best in top shelf vaporizers. The HoneyStick Top Shelf Vape Kit that contains the highest quality and most exclusive vaporizers for Oil, 510 thread cartridges, Wax and Dab Concentrates Vapes, Dry Herb, and Concealers.
CUSTOM 3-in-1 SUB-OHM Vape Kit for Wax, Oils & Herbs CUSTOM SPORT 3-in-1 SUB-OHM Vape Kit
for Wax, Dry Herbs & Oils Vaping

The HoneyStick Sport custom vaporizer kit contains Sub-Ohm Sport Variable Voltage 2000mAh MOD Battery - the latest edition to Join the group of award winning sub ohm vaporizer innovations. Backed up with 2ml Sport Oil Vape Tank - the most intense, flavorful, and fulfilling way to vape oils and cbd oils, Highbrid Vape Tank for Wax / Concentrates and Oz-Ohm Dry Herb Vape Tank - all in a Waterproof and Airtight Carrying Case, making it the best custom vape kit to have!
The Sub-Ohm SUPER PACK Custom Oil Vape Kit The SUPER PACK Sub-Ohm Oil Vape Kit
for Essential Oils & Concentrates Vaping

The HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Super Pack Wax & Oil Vape Kit. Simply the best oil vaporizers on the market ,combined together with the concentrate vape tanks and unbeatable power delivered by HoneyStick vape batteries. This custom vape kit contain The HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Carbon Fiber Vape - Cannabis Cup award winning wax & oil vaporizer; The HoneyStick Sub-Ohm Sport - the newest and powerful oil vaporizer and The Ripper 2.0 - one of a kind 1300mAh Sub-Ohm Vape Concealer for Wax & Oils.
Ultimate 3-in-1 Red Line Customized Vape Kit for Oils, Wax and Herbs Vaping The Red Line Customized Vape Kit
for Oils, Wax & Herbs Vaping

The Ultimate Custom Vape Kit - Red Line by HoneyStick . This vaporizer Kit essentially combines the best of the Sub Ohm classic kit with upgraded to Speed 220W Variable Voltage Battery, digital display and Insane functions; and adds attachment for your wax - the Highbrid dabs/concentrates vape tank, and Dry herb vape tank - Oz-Ohm, amazing Dry Herb & Crystalline vape tank all in customized Waterproof, Pressurized and Airtight Carrying Case!
The HoneyStick Mamba Custom Vaporizer Kit for Ejuice, Wax & Dry Herbs The Mamba Custom Vaporizer Kit
for Wax, Dry Herbs & Ejuice Vaping

The HoneyStick Mamba 3-in-1 Vapeorizer Kit. Custom Vape Kit for Ejuice, Dry Herbs & Concentrates Vaping. The best vape MOD in its class - Mamba, guarantees amazing vaping experience. Sub-Ohm adjustable airflow tank with the innovative leak free structure, powered by 2200 mAh MOD with variable wattage and voltage is making the Mamba three-in-one Vape Kit one Must-Have item for all Dry Herb, Wax & E-Liquid vaping enthusiasts.

The All New Custom Vape Kits by HoneyStick