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The Best Honey Oil Vape Gear On The Internet!

THE BEEKEEPER MOD - the ultimate conceal mod for your essential oils. No matter what it is when you buy a prefilled tank with your favorite oils you will need a mod to put it in, why not go with the ultimate discrete way to smoke and drop it in the beekeeper. Simply take your prefilled tank with your favorite CBD or cannabis oils and hook it up to the unique magnetic adapter and drop it in....don't let the world know what you are puffin on, but get a premium high power delivery with twice the capacity of normal batteries.
HONEY STICK VAPORIZER - Full Ceramic heater core is the only bullet proof sub ohm vaporizer unit that is specifically designed for your Cannabis thick oil and CO2 oil's. With up to 36W of power this unit will allow you to take rips you never envisioned for your oils. With a fully digital and adjustable display you can dial in your optimal power settings and let the good times roll.
STINGER VAPORIZER - The tasty way to vape your dabs. This is a fully ceramic donut vaporizer. This is a taste centric unit focused to vape your waxy concentrates but with 3 power settings you can really turn up the power to add intensity to your vape. This slim and sleek unit allows you to carry it easily and  plenty of capacity for continuous usage.
HONEYSTICK SUB OHM TANK - this is just a replacement part of the sub ohm unit
Bombs away! The Honeystick Highbrid is the ultimate vape device for dabs.  it has the largest ceramic bowl on the market with toothpick sized quartz rod heaters. The unit will hook up to any 510 Thread mod battery and you can run it up to Watts. If you watch some Instagram videos the  monster  hits that can be had from this dab unit is insane. 
There is only one oz-ohm tank and honey stick is proud to introduce it to our 2017 line up. The Oz-ohm vape tank is a one of a kind full ceramic unit specifically geared for dry herb and crystallized concentrates vaping. Convert your current vape gear into a dry herb vaporizer simply by attaching the Ozohm Herb vape tank...its 510 threading is universal and it can operate up to 28 watts. The ceramic heating plate is what we call a "deep dish" that heats up almost instantly.


Say hello to your little friend. The Rip and Ditch is the easiest most convenient way to go for dabs and concentrates and wow does it pack a punch. Ceramic bowl with quartz rod this bad boy has a push button operation with a locking feature......fill it up for the night anit looks like a cigarette. When the battery runs out its a disposable unit so you have no worries on cleaning and charging it......Fill it, Rip it , Ditch it! 
Everything you need to mix your own oils: 2 Glass Container's, 2 Syringe, Mixing Spatula, 3x 2ml Flavor Shots and Zipper Carrying Case which holds mod kits.